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Individual Therapy

Throughout the therapeutic journey we will unfold and gain an understanding of yourself, learn how to coexist with uncomfortable emotions and situations, explore your inner strengths, learn new tools and skills, practice compassion and work on changing specific behaviors which no longer serving a purpose in your life. Together we will work on breaking the repetitive cycle of unwanted outcomes. We work together to build a self care practice with your unique values of what's most important to you and working towards prioritizing those values to enhance your mental health and overall wellbeing. No two situations or people are exactly alike, therefore I strive to help create a comfortable ambiance while working with you at your own pace to provide empathy while working towards your definition of change, understanding and healing.

Couples Therapy (not currently accepting new couples)

There comes a time in every relationship where conflict arises. Depending on the situation some problems can be worked through easier than others. While working with couples I strive to maintain a setting in which both individuals feel equally heard and have a space created for their experience and feelings. I focus on the relationship dynamic and work towards an understanding of each person within the relationship; recognizing what each person brings from their past. I teach couples how to communicate more effectively learning new ways to enhance interactions and learn new skills leading to more meaningful and productive moments. I also work with separated couples who are working on co-parenting and keeping in mind the best interest of the child(ren) while making sure the couple feels comfortable with the compromises they're making.


Adolescent Therapy

Adolescents have many pressures placed upon them at an early age and at times without a proper place to discuss these issues, they may hold in their feelings which can become problematic. I enjoy working with adolescents to empower them to face life's challenges while understanding that although life can be difficult these experiences do not need to define who they are or who they will become.

Life and Career Coaching with Fei


  • Exploring the meaning and purpose in your life's journey

  • Uncovering and nurturing your passions and untapped potential

  • Identifying your unique strengths and talents

  • Connecting the dots of your past experiences to chart a path for the future

Career Coaching:

  • Assessing your strengths and weaknesses, and understanding your core values

  • Gaining clarity on your sources of motivation and sustained passion

  • Identifying and addressing obstacles that may hinder your career progress

  • Acquiring effective tools and techniques to propel your career forward


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